Sargent St. Memories

I can invision corner to cornerthe Landmarks of each end

From our first home next to Linsky's Junnkyard

T o Kyrouz's Market George & Johnny and friends

Johnny Zions with its loud singing to the juke box

Or Nelsens Bakery where the kids gathered for treats and talk

Jimmy Salah's Market and the kids running in and out

Ma Todd down near the junk yard yelling at us to come and eat

With her roaring loud and rantactious shouts

Merchants Box Factory and its loud machines

With Linsky's trucks loaded for the Chelsea run

Judy Millett's Parlor and the horses to ride

Just a bunch of Sargent St. kids having fun

Sargent St. was not just about Laughing and play

It was also the lessons of life we learned at each end

Such as the wisdom of Morris and Rem and all they conveyed

Words like if you work for what you want you'll never go astray

So this is my first street of Gloucester in the begining of teen life

Which has long sinse vanished or faded away

Many a times I listen at the sounds and the words of those nights

From those who gave us the wisdom that guided our way

Poetry is written from the Heart by Visions of the Soul
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