Sands of Time
By Peter A. Todd 07/05/1995
20th. Anniversary

The years are going by us fast,
But our love will forever last,
Your beauty is mine to behold,
The likes of mine will only be told.
The years have been good and bad,
Years of happiness, days to be sad,
But to share my life with you,
Is truly my dream come true?
Hold my hand, tenderest dear,
Of life’s holding do not fear,
With God’s permission I will abide,
With you at my side.
I stand proud at my several stations,
As life unfolds its daily creations,
I praise God to thee above,
For your support and love.
Remember my dearest,
The sands of time they quickly flow,
But daily on our love will grow,
For it is God’s providence that we live,
And it is His love I do give.
I love you Barbara and always will,
This the sands of time cannot kill,
My heart in to yours will always be one,
Till our deeds on this earth are done.

Poetry is written from the Heart by Visions of the Soul
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