Gloucester’s “Christmas Tree” of Labor

By Peter A. Todd

We gather together as Families and friends
To light our Lobster Tree built of hard labor
From the hands of many women and men
To witness the praise of the birth of our Savior
Each tier stacked with tender care
A gift to the children of Gloucester’s heritage to see
In a few precious minutes to be able to share
Singing of carol’s as we circle our Lobster Trap Tree
May this Christmas bring great happiness and joy?
As in Faith we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ
With a special wish to return all our women and boys
To the safety of their loved ones arms beginning this night
In days past we have joined in Gloucester celebrations
Through all its challenges and victories to gain
Tonight we honor the beauty of a man made creation
By the workers of the sea, now of Gloucester’s fame

Poetry is written from the Heart by Visions of the Soul
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