Shoe Shine Boy

By Peter A. Todd 05/19/2010

Walking the streets all the day long

Whistling the happiest of songs

Tapping the windows as he strolled on past

With imprints of his knuckles not long to last

On bended knees as he polishes a shoe

Holding to his talents and convictions true

Snapping the rag as that shoe began to shine

With the beat of the Chaganooga in perfect time

A tap on the leg for the next shoe to the step

Another satisfied customer you can be sure to bet

A friendly handshake as he shakes the customers hand

Truly this God given day was the Masters plan

Traveling on to his next steps in time

Eager to make that next nickle or dime

This is my reflection of the boy with holes in his pants

Its the image of my youth from a second chance

My Gloucester by birth and my imprints made

From the miracles of my Faith through sadness saved

The words from my inherited heart of blood and soul

A spirit of my mother's prayers to treasure like gold

Poetry is written from the Heart by Visions of the Soul
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