The Journey of Life
By Peter A. Todd 01/07/2012

We journey through life in strong Hope and Faith
That its next day will be free of any suffering or pain
We know not of our future beyond Heaven's Gates
Only what treasures of earthly awards we may gain
We look to our children for comfort and joy
In wishing our own youth could be returned
To once again to be a child playing with our toys
As this dream in my mind deeply burns
We cannot question the reason of why
That we loose so many friends or family we love
For the answer will be given as we journey on high
To the promise of Jesus and his Fathers Heaven above
The Journey of earthly life has ended for Officer Patrican
Yet ! Have no fear he is only in deep and peaceful sleep
He will always be with his loved one in spirit to giude
Through their hearts and souls on whatever journey they choose to seek

This I write in tribute to all the officers we have lost
We know in the Promise they will in Heavens Jubilee be returned



Poetry is written from the Heart by Visions of the Soul