Father Joe & Wife

By Peter A. Todd. 01/31/2012

Pictured here is our beloved Father Joe and wife
A man that has healed many a sole's
And bought numberless bottoms back to life
Truly a man of the clothing of leather
Who even replaces mans warn out strings
He applies his craft in all kinds of weather
Protected by God's Angels on wings
He has mended many broken wallets and purse
Worn out by the filling of the coins and bills of greed
Has even fought off the Demon's curse
By the wisdom of His Faith to the hearts to feed
Father Joe we thank you for all the sole's you've saved
By the power of your sharing your faith to believe

Picture is shaky because of the powerful spirit that surrounds him. He has been a mentor to me since I was 12

Peter ' Huck Finn ' Todd 

Poetry is written from the Heart by Visions of the Soul