Circle of Life
By Peter A. Todd 03/20/2010


Life can be surrounded by happiness and joy
It all depends on the plan you employ
Giving of your love is a good start
As long as it’s from within your soul to start
We traverse this earth for a reason
As the bible says there is a time and a season
A time we are given to plant Faith’s seed
That will carry us through as long as we believe
Each day we awake is a reflection to us all
From the years gone by when we were small
Life is a bending circle we want never to end
In reality its truth upon our hearts will ascend
We live for our children so they can receive
The heritage of loved ones in their journey to be
My children and I mean all of no matter the age
Truly Life does has it challenges and rocky roads
I just want you to know that I hope and pray
That my Faith in you all will lighten your load

I took this picure of a picture in Supreme Roast Beef. As a kid I used to go in there and shine shoes. This was a regular hang out for the politicians of the day. I remember shining John J. Burke's shoes and many of the policemen. My favorite customers were Jake Jacobson and Elmer Devere , I was tempted to charge them extra because their shoes took so much extra polish, plus the labor. My grandfather Knucky also used to go in there. So here's just a quick lookback. I hope I do not get into trouble for taking a picture of a picture

Have a great day

Huck Finn

Poetry is written from the Heart by Visions of the Soul