In Tribute to Gloucester’s

28th. Pride Stride

By Peter A. Todd 04/07/2015


On this our 28th. Year of Gloucester’s Pride

In faith we gather to share our Hope and love

Walking in challenge with friends at our side

With the guidance of those who are with God above

Raising funds to feed the meek and the poor

Or providing warmth and shelter for those of need

To provide meals for those who seek it from the Open Door

As we celebrate our 28th. Year with those who planted its seed

We also unite in great happiness and joy

That in this walk we will  go beyond last years goals

With the help of now adults  and their girls and boys

On this our 28th. Year Celebration through our Faith to unfold

It is time once again to take the hand

Of a family member or friend

To once again walk with Gloucester Pride

With the spirit of Charity and Love in our hearts to abide

Poetry is written from the Heart by Visions of the Soul
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