So my friend Actor Writer and Poet Michael MacNamara challeged me to write my own birthday poem. So I attempted it. Firts I'll give you a little biography which I hope establishes the fact that I am a Gloucester born Unofficial Poet.
I was born about fifty feet from the Cedar St. tracks in my grandmothers spare room. I spent my first ten years as a state ward , no fault of my parents , it was 1943. So thats about as brief as I can make it

‘ Age ‘Question of my mind

... By Peter A. Todd 01/09/2013

In my journey of Life’s rough and rocky roads
I traversed the footprints of my heritage past
Through the loving spirit of my mother I have sowed
Its greatness through each sunrise cast
From the time I was born in my grandmother’s spare room
To the challenges in Life I face to this day
I know that the promise of Jesus in my heart and soul blooms
That he is my only Master, the truth and the way
Age is truly a question of the mind
Its reality is in each of our hearts and souls
Through the everlasting love of my wife I find
The path of Faith as we seek the rainbows pot of gold
So as the candles of birth are lit one at a time
I give thanks to all my family and friends
To my earth Angel sister Sylvia and my children all
Our Circle of Love in my heart and soul will never end
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