My greatgrandson's and I went to the now cleared up Lanes Cove. We took a couple of pictures and they played for a while , but the wind was getting stronger, so we left. I can just vision how many children now adults  have also either worked or played there. My wife and I also went to the dedication of the shack. It was a great time. So I took it upon myself to try and write a poem. I hope everybody likes it and please pass it on as you may see fit. As you know Time is like the sands of the hourglass. Our lives are destined by it . It has always been embedded in my heart and soul through my mothers whispers it is what we leave behind that counts. With that said please pass it on and I invite you to visit my website created by my former Rainbow Girl Holly. Love to all and give your children a big hug. They are our future.





The Shack is back.

By Peter A. Todd 09/09/2013


Through raging storm and angered seas
Our Shack was thought to be destroyed
  Memories would be saved by the pleas
From all the families united to employ
The Lobstermen and Craftsmen
Volunteers joined in hand and hearts to save
This landmark within our Cove
That will bring back families to work and play
The Shack is back from the labor of love
It has been rebuilt with compassion of many souls
We know in our prayers it will be protected from God above
Within the Promise land and streets of gold
Beyond the bend is a challenging sea
That can bring happiness and enjoyment to all
The Shack is back and we now must unite to rebuild
Our Sea Wall from the roaring tide’s echoed call