Well I went past the stroke of midnight writing. This poem is for Patriots Day. It is a day where we celebrate the gift of Freedom we now can share to paying homage to those we have lost. This week is most challenging for me . I am starting my sixth cycle of chemotherapy . Its also a week of trying to put together my thoughts on the next few poems I will be writing and presenting. Please forgive me if the poem is not right but I guess the chemo is trying to catch up with me e...ven though I had a week off. So everyone have a great day give each family or friends a hug.

Patriot's Day Thoughts

By Peter A. Todd 04/19/2015

Poet Laureate of Gloucester Mass 8/2014 - 2018

On this God given day we pay honor to
Those patriots of the women and men of yesterday's
People that held our countries values true
So that we are enabled to live and share today
We look back at the battle fought on Bunker Hill
Of all the fighters of freedom who died
Reflecting on the volley of shots that then tried to kill
That of which would have our freedom denied
We also pay homage to the heroic women and men
Who wrote and established our countries constitution
The likes of Paul Revere and John Hancock who designed
The plans of our countries freedom by the stroke of each pen
So on this day we gather as one family hand to hand
To pay honor and support our hero's past and present
Supporting our historical Boston Marathon Race
In honor to those who are in the promise
Beyond the sky and the Golden Gates of Heaven

Poetry is written from the Heart by Visions of the Soul