The apartment basics:
2+ bedroom apartment or 1 bedroom with a bonus room
Cat friendly
Fenced yard or quiet street
Smoke-free, if possible
To live and work in

The basics about me:
40 y/o Responsible, Female
No loud music, TV, or parties
Live by the 9 to 9 rule (quiet between 9 p.m. & 9 a.m.)
Owned by 2 litter trained, well-behaved (no scratching walls, floors) cats
Willing to clean and/or paint unit prior to move in (landlord pays for materials)
Willing to tend to the yard work for consideration on rent
Before & after photos of the yard at my present apartment can be found here:
License family day care provider (Must have a clear Criminal Offender Record Information CORI to be licensed)

Basics about Day Care
6 children max
Children not allowed to be destructive in any way
Loud voices, running, jumping, etc is for outdoor play only
No shoes inside
Yard toys are picked up after every outdoor play session
My home must be kept clean and sanitary as the State can inspect at any time
Added security for the building; no set schedule of when we’ll be home or go out
One party per year for the child/children heading off to kindergarten, usually over by 8 p.m.

Local references available upon request.

Call Sharon at 978-290-1393 or email