The Riverdale Methodist Church is offering Roast Beef Suppers again this spring. For $7.50 you get salad, as much roast beef as you can possibly eat, mashed potatoes, string beans, corn bread, delicious gravy, coffee and desert. Unlike some church suppers, you get more than adequate servings. Tonights was no exception, but the fellowship took a bad turn when some ignorant, blasphemous %%%%-looking old timer who probably had never been there started swearing and cursing at the top of his voice because some other group had been served twice and he hadn't got anything yet. I've seen that before with some of those Gloucesteros. So leave your cursing for the fiesta, you ignorant swine, and try to remember you are in a house of God, not the crow's nest men's room. Oops, better put this in.... I'm not a member of the congregation, I just like the suppers. The views expressed above do not necessarily represent those of the church.

Excellent post but let's watch the ethnic slurs, please. - CAA