Ahab's Journal: Supporting Brian Rothschild for NMFS Chief
Ahab's Journal is a blog containing "news about, and of interest to, the Commercial Fishing community on the Outer Banks of North Carolina." It is published in association with the Outer Banks Sentinel.

Ahab's Journal has published a sample letter supporting Dr. Brian Rothschild, Dean Emeritus of the School for Marine Science and Technology at the University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth, for the position of Administrator of the National Marine Fisheries Service.

The letter is made available to make it easier for those in the fisheries community, who believe Dr. Rothschild should be appointed, to draft letters to their congressional leaders.

Individuals are encouraged to personalize their letter with their own concerns, if they wish, but if not they are encouraged to use this text in their e-mails, faxes, and letters.

Since the post-9/11 anthrax incidents of 2001, paper mail to Congress is screened for contamination and is therefore delayed. Accordingly, the fastest way to communicate with members of Congress is via e-mail, the Member's website, or via fax.

To look up the names, addresses or contact information for your Representatives in the House and Senate, a convenient website providing that information is http://www.congress.org/ href="http://www.congress.org/">http://www.congress.org.

http://ahabsjournal.typep...hild-for-nmfs-chief.html href="http://ahabsjournal.typepad.com/ahabs_journal/2009/11/sample-letter-supporting-rothschild-for-nmfs-chief.html">Read the sample letter.


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